• Bespoke 3D Animation, Visualisation and Promotional Media
    DESIGN DIFFERENCE specialises in providing premium digital marketing material at affordable prices and with a personal approach.
    Take a look at our work and see the process we go through to provide quality media for every project we take on and use the contact page to get in touch and see what fantastic media we are able to create for you too!
    3D Animation
    Animations are one of the most effective ways to engage your customer. They can be used for presentations, advertising and marketing on your website and throughout social media. DESIGN DIFFERENCE is experienced in creating quality animations for a variety of business sectors and for companies of all sizes. 
    We work alongside companies to promote, exhibit and explain their products, services or ideas through interesting animated videos.
    See the 'Animation' page in the menu bar for more information on the process and visit 'Gallery' for examples of our past work.
    3D Visualisation

    Design Difference develops premium images to provide your customers with photorealistic representations of your products at affordable prices. People expect to be able to see a product even if it doesn't exist yet, and imagery is a powerful way of showing off your products in the best environment.
    Do your product justice by creating a stunning scene for it to sit in, or utilise a scene to show off your full product range so your customers can compare products.
    See the 'Animation' page in the menu bar for more information on the process and visit 'Gallery' for examples of our past work.
    Contact Us
    We know that having the right media can make all the difference to your customer, so if it's important to them, it's important to you too. Today's marketplace is full of
    multimedia and customers expect to see a showcase of what you have to offer. Whether you are providing a product or service the most effective way to explain
    what you do and why they should choose you is through images and video.
    Get in touch to see what creative solutions we are able to provide for you, more information about animation or creative advice on your products.